What We Do (The Process)

Once a contract is agreed upon and in place, the creative process for the advertising video production work really begins.

Concept Creation

The first step. This is a brainstorming session where you and Debra will uncover your unique brand story and how to find the most compelling visual language to relate that narrative to your clients. Debra is an experienced and intuitive video branding artist, and makes this process easy, productive, and fun.


Pre-Production follows concept development and is all about laying the groundwork. This includes scheduling, location scouting, styling, hair and makeup, grooming, script assistance, and determining who and what will contribute to the creation of your visual story. Debra is adept at determining available resources, such as pets, children, hobbies, or other lifestyle choices, that make up the unique and compelling narrative that is you.


Production is the actual shooting and production of creative content on location. Locations are determined and arranged in the pre-production phase, and may be outdoors, at a healthcare facility, or at a home or office. Debra and Charles plan each shoot meticulously and will work until the perfect imagery is captured.

Post Production

Post Production is where the technical magic happens and the completed raw footage is pieced together to tell your cohesive brand story. The team records voice overs, adds music, creates visual effects, and more.