Based in Los Angeles, California, hailing from New York City, Debra and Charles both attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where they met.
Since then, the Duo have worked Bi-Coastal for over 15 Years making lot’s of people smile along the way.
LaCoppola + Meier’s enthusiasm and love of the craft, keeps their eye on the many details involved in each project, and uses their expertise to continually problem solve.
Creating imagery with this team starts with a conversation- Ends with Beautiful Visuals both Still + Moving that feel Unrehearsed, Real and in the Moment.

Who has the camera?

Debra is the one behind the lens.

What is Charlie's role?

Charlie is the tech/lighting master

What about directing a film/short video?

YES, This is also very exciting for us. We would be thrilled to Direct a short film/video.

I've noticed there is a certain amount of movement in the video's?

YES, this is for effect. And because we are hand holding the camera most of the time.
Hand holding combined with short lenses is something we do quite often for intimacy, as our work is about
emotion and connecting.

Can you shoot stills & video for the same project?

Of course, We would love to shoot stills and video footage for your entire project!
We can then take the beautiful, dynamic footage and edit, color correct, add music or sound and create a short film.

Can you be hired to shoot stills or video only?

YES, Absolutely. No project too big or small.