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Client: GSK • Photoduo Crew   
Who is Photoduo?

The company was founded by husband and wife team Debra LaCoppola and Charles Meier. Both are always on set and work seamlessly as creative and technical directors of your project. They contract with additional staff or teams as needed during production and post production.

Photoduo is known for both their focused attention to detail in every stage of the production process as well as a visually luscious artistic style. Debra and Charles are also respected for being friendly, down-to-earth, and easy to work with.

When clients work with Photoduo, they know they will receive visually stunning video that brings their brand alive with light and color. Each project is meticulously crafted by Debra and Charles every step of the way.
This sought after creative team has worked with a vast variety of clients, from documenting Bill Gates on the Microsoft Campus, taking portraits of the young entrepreneur Jeff Bezos selling books online from his basement, to providing gorgeous lifestyle imagery for giant wellness brands such as Aveda and The Chopra Center.
How did you get started?

Debra and Charles both attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC and were based in New York for many years before settling on the west coast.

What makes you different?
Photoduo offers a gorgeous visual aesthetic, a laser-focused attention to detail, as well as a compassionate and intuitive approach to each project. 
“We are not your typical run and gun video production team” says Charles.
What is the process?

The team leads you through every stage of the project, from concept creation to post production.

Who is behind the camera?

Debra is behind the camera and takes on the creative direction. Charles is the technical master and can solve just about any problem that may arise on set or during post production.

What is their expertise?

Photoduo creates video content for healthcare practices and wellness brands. “We love telling stories. Long or short, loops or GIF’s. It’s all about the story,” says Debra. Photoduo has been creating inspired imagery for over twenty years.

Where do they work?

The team is based in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California and are often found working in nearby locations such as San Diego, Las Vegas,  and Phoenix.

What notable subjects have they photographed?

Bill Gates, Ken Kesey, Nobu Matsuhisa, Julia Child, Jeff Bezos, Salman Rushdie, Alan Arkin, Philip Glass, Beverly Sills, Jean Chatzky, Rocco Dispirito, Eric Ripert, Ron Insana.

Does Photoduo work with my in-house marketing team?

Photoduo enjoys collaborating with in-house teams and are flexible and easy to work with.

How long does it take to create video content?

Project length varies depending on the scope of the project as each is unique and customized. Once a signed contract is in place you will be given an estimated completion date.

Are you taking Covid-19 precautions?

Yes, Photoduo is taking every stage of the pandemic very seriously, keeping up with the latest scientific information and protocols. Our team is fully vaccinated  and is considerate and concerned with the  health of our clients.

Our Process

Client: Sparkle Wellness   
Concept Creation

The first step. This is a brainstorming session where you and Debra will uncover your unique brand story and how to find the most compelling visual language to relate that narrative to your clients. Debra is an experienced and intuitive video branding artist, and makes this process easy, productive, and fun.

How To Get Started

Once a contract is agreed upon and in place, the creative process for the video production work really begins.


Pre-Production follows concept development and is all about laying the groundwork. This includes scheduling, location scouting, styling, hair and makeup, grooming, script assistance, and determining who and what will contribute to the creation of your visual story. Debra is adept at determining available resources, such as pets, children, hobbies, or other lifestyle choices, that make up the unique and compelling narrative that is you.


Production is the actual shooting and production of creative content on location. Locations are determined and arranged in the pre-production phase, and may be outdoors, at a healthcare facility, or at a home or office. Debra and Charles plan each shoot meticulously and will work until the perfect imagery is captured.


Post Production is where the technical magic happens and the completed raw footage is pieced together to tell your cohesive brand story. The team records voice overs, adds music, creates visual effects, and more.

Debra LaCoppola

Location: William Holden Home, Palm Springs, Southridge   
Debra has been an irrepressible visual storyteller from the age of seven, when she received her first 126 Instamatic camera from her Aunt Jo-Jo. She photographed everything from her breakfast pancakes to family, friends, and pets. From those first early images emerged the inspired video artistry that is Debra’s creative and professional passion.
I always say I have two loves, says Debra, creating stories using my camera and Charles.
Location: Haystock Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast   

Charles Meier

Location: Crazy Horse Ranch, Morongo Valley   

Charles grew up alongside his father building early computers in the garage and working at his grandfather’s Esso station on the Jersey shore, where he learned patience, problem solving, and a love of all things electrical and mechanical. As well as being a visual artist, he provides the technical and post-production wizardry for Photoduo.

There is nothing better than telling a story through film, Charles says.

Location: Hollywood, CA