Haven Training Center

Haven Training Gym Fitness Center in Palm Springs

I love when a client approaches us and wants it all….

Collaboration! That’s what it’s all about……

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When Stacie Hedges from SH Business Stylist called me she was so excited to get started on a project for Haven Training Center. After the first meeting with two dynamic women (Stacie and the Fabulous Yessy Ladezma Owner of Haven Training Center)— I knew this project was going to sing!

Haven Kids

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And sure enough……..

We started with the development of the stories, the color palettes, the wardrobe, the talent and uncovered as a team what was necessary to launch their business Visually..

Fast Forward- the video stories were filmed, the still photography shot.


What was next? Billboards

I love the way the billboards came to fruition. I also loved seeing them all over the Coachella Valley…

If you want to make people turn their heads in this Valley, Billboards is an Excellent option

Thank You Lovely Ladies for your Kindness + Expertise!

Yessy Ladezma

Haven Training Center Owner