What To Wear For A Video Shoot

what to wear for a video shoot

Brief do’s and don’ts for what to wear on your video shoot.

Sometimes what you think looks good on you, may or may not be what to wear for a video shoot.

Just because it’s expensive or trendy, a bright color or pattern doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for video.

STRIPES are a don’t. Don’t wear stripes for your shoot. They can be disruptive in the technical aspect of the video and just don’t work.

PATTERNS, well it all depends. Some patterns can work out beautifully, and some look confusing. What’s the difference you ask? Good question. Send them over and let my expert eye have a look. Just like stripes, some patterns not only don’t work with the technical aspect of video, but also just make you dizzy and distract from the subject.

The Simple answer to it all- KISS– Keep it Simple Stupid.

This term is about less is more and keeping it simple as to not complicate things. This term is used by many creatives from designers, photographers to make-up artist.

Who is the focus of your Video shoot?

The Video attached below is the perfect example of keeping it simple.

When I got asked to do a Video shoot with famous actress Barbara Rush, the first thing I thought to myself is what will she wear?

So when arriving to her Beverly Hills home to shoot a video with Barbara Rush for Assil Eye Institute, the first thing I did was go right to her closet and found this fabulous pink silk ruffled blouse waaaay in the back.. Oh my, she said, I haven’t worn that in years!

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